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Open Data is a software house leader in the international market of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for manufacturing industries. Founded in 1994 as a company that realizes first information systems for the supervision and management of the factory, is now recognized as an International Vendor, developer of OPERA product. The company is organized in two independent business units that deal with two core business of grate value: product & projects.

Opera is the business unit dedicated to the OPERA product that deals solely with the design and development of the product, as well as the management and development of an international distribution network, that is in charge of the distribution of OPERA all over the world. For further information on OPERA product, network, trainings and events please visit our website

Open Data is the Business Unit dedicated to MES projects that provides consultancy in the manufacturing field and realizes tailor-made MES projects for local production companies, by using OPERA platform. A team of MES experts is at the Customer disposal for the realization of Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory projects, by providing all the needed services like implementation, training, start-up and go-live of the project.

Open Data was founded in 1994 and has been realizing ever since a factory information system for the management, automation and control in real-time of the production processes in manufacturing companies of any sector and any size. It has over than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, acquired on field by working together with companies, to help them optimizing production procedures and processes, by enhancing performances, decreasing direct and indirect costs, as well as increasing the quality of their products. Thanks to several years of experience, Open Data has acquired a strong know-how in different manufacturing areas and has developed a MES product which is complete, performing, modern and distributed by an international distribution network that implement Opera MES projects worldwide. The company is run by the founders that still actively work with their team. Experience, Concreteness and Competence are the values that characterize the actions of this company and the numerous customers together with the realized projects represent the concrete outcome of an excellent job.