About Open Data

OPEN DATA is a leading global market software house and developer of the MES OPERA software. Founded in 1994, the company designed the very first IT systems for factory management and monitoring and is currently a MES Vendor of its OPERA product, which is distributed internationally by an international network of partners and system integrators who utilize the OPERA platform to carry out Industry 4.0 projects.

The company’s continued growth, in line with the latest Manufacturing trends, has led to the development of a new business line, NCM Neural Controlled Machines, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the field of Manufacturing.


OPERA is the business line dedicated to the MES product dedicated to designing and developing the MES OPERA product and managing its international partner network. OPERA MES is a leading global market product with over 40 certified distributors worldwide who implement successful MES (Manufacturing Execution System) projects in all manufacturing sectors. Our job is to provide a complete and high-performing MES product and support. Visit the website dedicated to OPERA MES product, network, training, events: www.operames.it

NCM is the business line dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Manufacturing. A team of analysts, data scientists and software engineers with extensive knowledge of information technology, industrial processes, mathematical statistic techniques, neural networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Recognition, who collaborate with some of the most renowned international organizations and universities in the field of AI, in order to implement cutting-edge Digital Transformation projects. At NCM help companies make the most of their data assets, transforming data into useful information, thanks to the intrinsic value of the data, to help companies use data to plan and implement "conscious" strategies, thanks to predictive models.