Our Social Responsability

Open Data & Associazione Bubulina.... a journey for the life

Since many years, Open Data has been supporting the great activities of Associazione Bubulina.

Associazione Bubulina was founded with the goal of supporting sick children and their families, when the national sanitary system is not able to guarantee adequate treatments, in particular for children suffering from leukemia, cancer and rare diseases. The organization is based in Emilia-Romagna but it cooperates with sanitary structures spread all over Italian territory and abroad. When a family contacts them, they help them in finding a hospital in Italy or abroad that is specialized in that specific disease. They help families with the needed documentation, so that the expenses will be covered by the territory of residence, or they help parents in raising funds and, if possible, they contribute in the general expenses. Moreover, they provide also logistic support for travels, translations, contacts with medical staff and cooperation with other local organizations. To know more about the projects and activities of Associazione Bubulina and to contribute to its precious work, please visit the website www.associazionebubulina.org