NCM Training, Consultancy and Services

The NCM team offers ongoing support in the study and implementation of your AI project. Making the most of cutting-edge AI techniques and tools, we can support companies in all their digital transformation projects, offering services and solutions based on our ability to combine functional consultancy, technological competence, statistics, data science expertise and passion for Innovation.

CONSULTANCY: our team of experts attentively listens and analyses our customers’ requests, providing the necessary advice to take on an artificial intelligence project. We analyse your requests, then together we study and design the model and a quality database, all of which are fundamental steps to properly train the network and obtain valid results.

TRAINING: we carry out targeted workshops and training courses on AI, to familiarize our customers with the subject and help them play an integral role in their own project. Ask our secretariat for the calendar of the next AI courses.

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: we carry out your AI project, tailor-made for your company, supporting you in every phase of the project, from creating the prototype to the start-up and relevant support. Send us a presentation of your project and our AI team will analyse the request and contact you for a joint analysis.

For additional details, information and specific requests, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.