We realize successful MES Projects!

The introduction of a MES system often involves the whole company and requires a reanalysis and a reorganization of many production processes, by setting targets of continuous improvement, which can be measured and verified in a short term. With OPERA MES, you can achieve first benefits in about 3-6 months from the implementation and go-live of the system. This concrete result can be reached when the project is implemented with a method, through all the steps of the project, following the requests of the customer.

Open Data adopts a consolidated working methodology that leads to the realization of successful MES projects in a very short time, aiming directly at the primary objectives set with the Customer and at achieving the final target of the project. A relevant activity is also carried out by the Customer himself, who commits his resources together with our team, becoming "master" of his own factory information system.


Customer First!

Open Data has a network of MES experts, working since more than 25 years in the IT for manufacturing, that are able to provide the customer with all the services needed for the realization of a successful MES project. In particular:
- Analysis of project feasibility
- Project implementation
- Integration with other existing systems
- Operational consultancy on processes
- Development of personalization and custom software

- Training and Start-up
- Performance analysis and targets achievement

The key to success for our projects, besides high-quality services, is the product OPERA that enables us to realize customized MES configurations for any kind of Company. To know more about OPERA platform functionalities, visit our official website www.operames.it
To request a meeting with one of our MES consultant, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.