OPERA MES Platform

OPERA is a technological development platform that allows you to configure the software based on the specifications of a project, providing a configurable and customizable web-based interface, a structured and open management of data and various development tools, to manage in a flexible and autonomous way the different product configurations and extensions. All this satisfies the network partners, who can work on the product in full autonomy, but also the different IT business managers and experienced users as they can work on their system configuration by investing in a flexible and constantly evolving MES platform.

Technical features:
- SKD platform (Software Development Kit)
- Multithread application
- WebAPI support, api RESTFull JSON/XML implementation, SOAP
- RealTime Client/Server communication via web socket (SignalR)
- TCP/IP/XML native data bus
- Extended asynchronous event logging
- Support major industrial protocols Opc-DA, Opc-UA
- Integrated support for connecting TCP/UDP device such as scales or measuring devices, etc.
- Extremely configurable packet decoding driver, extensible via Plugin
- SSO support, authentication and delegated to the domain
- ServiceBroker support
- Possibility of writing C# Plugin
- Customizations via SQL/Javascript/css
- Composite UI
- Numerous predefined graphic controls (D3 technologies, used among others)
- AJAX application