Production Management

Production Management

OPERA Production is the heart of the MES system, where you can define the company model (plants/departments/cost centers...), the production model, the product (production cycle/bill of materials/articles ...), all the productive resources (employees, work centers, machines, equipment, tools, causals...) and all the automatic data acquisition procedures (direct and indirect activities, machine setup, machine downtime, quantity produced, scrap, reworks, etc.). OPERA Workflow Manager allows the management of all workstations and of the related collection procedures. OPERA Management Console allows the management and historical analysis of the acquired data in real time for a complete management and supervision of the production process. We can summarize the logical flow in 4 macro phases: Planning and Scheduling, Dispatching and Data Acquisition, Paperless Manufacturing and Real-Time Production Supervision.

With OPERA Production, the company model is perfectly assembled through the management of various detailed records about the company structure and the related active procedures on the plant. Through the integration with the ERP system or directly in OPERA, through automatic generation, you will receive the production orders to be executed. It is possible to elaborate a production plan thanks to the finite capacity scheduler and once the optimal scheduling has been defined, the activities to be performed will be electronically dispatched and displayed on the various workstations within the factory. Therefore, each workstation will be online and interactive for the management and execution of the work. In absence of a scheduler but with a simply manual production scheduler, the activities will be assigned automatically to the work center or to the single workstation on machine board and then starts the execution phase.
>> Planning & Scheduling System

The workstations within the factory are web-based, interactive and  allow not only automatic acquisition of the production data, but also the online displaying of all the useful information for the operator, in order to execute activities as: setup instructions, technical drawing of the product, technical manuals, instruction on the article to be produced, digitized notes from the operator, certifications and much more. The workstations can be fixed and/or mobile, HTML5 compatible, mono-resource, thus linked to a single machine/operator, or multi-resource. In addition to data collection workstations, it is also possible to interconnect machines/equipment/production lines for an automatic data acquisition from the device (times, quantities produced, scrap, downtimes, energy consumption ...). All this through the additional functionality of the device connection.
>> Device Connection


The "paperless" document management is a very important function for digitizing all the information related to the production process. In the production module, OPERA allows you to view and upload in real time any type of information such as documentation, images and photos, videos that the system can be associated with any procedure/activity/resource.



Monitoring in real time the production process means to analyze, aggregate and process production data that will allow you to have a very detailed overview of what happens in the shop floor, in order to proactively analyze the events and then take eventual corrective action on the process. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface of OPERA, it is possible to analyze in detail the information related to all the resources involved in the production process, such as machines/equipment/work centers, operators/cost centers, orders/sales orders/materials, etc. in relation to a specific time or period, such as day/month/year.
OPERA allows you to create charts, dynamic reports and customized dashboards to monitor the entire factory in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to the web-based interface, it is possible to analyze the data also from the outside, ideal situation for the management that at any time can consult the daily production trend, check the progress of a specific order, rather than analyze the efficiency of a work center and the performance of a specific machine. OPERA MES is therefore a perfect analysis and decision support tool for all company levels.
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