PREACTOR AS includes Standard, Professional and Ultimate solutions that deal with scheduling problems based not only on the management and optimization of the resources but also on the management of the scheduling rules and constraints given by the material availability and the BoM of the product.

The Preactor AS product suite is characterized by new levels of customization, which, depending on the version, allow the user to manage his project with a new Editor functionality. Thanks to this, it is possible to customize the information’s layout through filters, data aggregations and modifiable table names, as well as redesign the windows and display of attributes in the fields. The possibility of interfacing Preactor AS to the MRP/ERP system and the possibility of managing purchase orders for material, stock levels and orders connection according to the BoM levels, makes it a powerful and complete tool, perfect for a precise and punctual scheduling.

Orders are scheduled according to a ranking defined by the user in order to priorities the orders. It schedules based on availability of resources, additional constraints and the materials required for the order. During the scheduling process, Preactor AS Standard can take in to account different operation run speeds on different resources, use sequence dependent changeover times based on operation attributes and allow overlaps and slack time between operations.

PREACTOR AS Professional
In comparison to the Standard version, Preactor AS Professional has a number of additional schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning.  Composite rules can also be built with Preactor’s workflow tool.  At Preactor AS Professional level the user is also able to implement customer specific rules about how materials are consumed and visualize their assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods and sales orders in the Material Explorer. This shows a graphical view of the material dependencies as well as plots of stock levels over time: in this way, the user can see where shortages will occur and choose to keep them as a constraint or ignore them. In addition to this, Preactor AS professional can model advanced resource constraints, such as rules about concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints including limits on the time between operations and how much operation times can be extended by.

Preactor AS Ultimate includes a developer license (called Ultimate Access) which gives access to the full flexibility that is possible with a Preactor system. The database schema can be altered as required, including adding tables and fields, and via API, it is possible to create custom scheduling rules to solve specific scheduling problems and create custom data manipulation tools for use with the Preactor workflow engine.

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