Preactor AP is an IT tool for companies operating in the GDO sector, which have finished products and raw materials stock levels that are not needed and that can go waste before being used. The possibility to place purchase orders for the exact quantity needed for production and to use it in the right time represents the key to reduce the major problems affecting manufacturing companies.

Preactor AP can be used both in make-to-stock and in make-to-order environments: in make-to-stock environments Preactor AP is typically used to plan the production for the warehouse, whether there is a huge variability in the sales orders and the necessity of taking in consideration the date of expiration of the goods in the warehouse. In make-to-order environments, instead, Preactor AP is not used to calculate quantities to be produced, but rather to analyze the effects that the future sales orders will have on the production. In the event of insufficient capacity, the user has the possibility to work interactively with the system, with the purpose of creating an acceptable MPS plan.

Key features of Preactor AP:

- Make-to-stock and/or make-to-order management
- Finite or infinite capacity management
- Automatic MPS calculations
- Material availability calculation
- Stocks due alarm
- Multiple reorders management
- Planned BoM
- Standard reporting
- Parameters for the control of article stocks

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