PREACTOR, Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Preactor is scheduling solutions leader in the world for advanced planning and scheduling, thanks to a powerful scheduling engine, complex algorithms, high configurability and user friendliness. With over 10.000 active licenses in 71, it is considered the most referenced solution in any manufacturing field. Open Data implements advanced scheduling projects with Preactor, providing training and consulting services for successful APS projects. Preactor is interfaced with the OPERA suite for companies that want a complete MES project.

PREACTOR is a tool that enables managers to give rapid and accurate answers on the delivery dates and on how to react to daily unexpected events in the production planning. Unexpected events as machine downtimes, delays in material delivering or unexpected new urgent orders can be managed promptly and easily by the planning tool, enabling a rapid and precise rescheduling of the activities, as well as an optimization of resources, execution times and reorganization of the production plan.   

Furthermore, PREACTOR includes a series of tools to verify the impact of these events on other orders and to test different scenarios before taking the definitive decision on the release of the production plan. Benefits coming from the implementation of this solution are multiples; basing on the numerous references, we can speak of real and concrete benefits that can be achieved in a short time, namely in some weeks/months. Once you have defined the company model and the targets, Preactor will lead you in achieving:  
•   20% of increase in productivity
•   50% of reduction in WIP
•   80% of enhancement and higher punctuality in the deliveries

Preactor represents a group of solutions with a sole scheduling engine and increasing levels of configurability that determine the different versions and costs. The company can therefore choose the most suitable version and limit the economic investment to its needs. Afterward, in the event of new requirements, the company can request an upgrade of the version in an easy and direct way. PREACTOR is available in the following versions:
- PREACTOR AS, Standard, Professional and Ultimate

For further information on the product, to view a demo and/or receive specific documentation, please write to our sales & marketing team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.