Material Management

Material Management

In manufacturing environments, the main objective for the material management is to guarantee a correct and punctual material supply to the factory, by minimizing material transfers’ costs, and to physically organize and optimize the warehouse. This module manages in real time the inflows and outflows from/to the warehouse together with all material movements in production, with the aim to provide the user with an updated visibility of the material availability.

The main benefits of this module are:

-Stock levels reduction: the accurate knowledge of the real stock levels allows a reduction of the necessary stocks for the same needs; very often, in a not correctly managed warehouse, it is not possible to know exactly the remaining quantities due to the lack of knowledge of the real materials consumption.

-Times reduction and increase of efficiency. The exact knowledge of a lot position, allows material movements times to be reduced and guarantees a punctual material supply to plant departments. 

-Traceability. The complete management of materials and the recording of material flows is necessary to track and trace products as well as lots.

Generally, warehouse transactions are executed by operators using portables terminals or industrial tablets. These material transactions deal with: goods receipt with material labelling and/or electronic identification, material stock and warehouse transfer with the assignment of a Handling Unit location.  
Against a production order, the system can generate, manually or automatically, transfer orders to move the material produced to the warehouse, to return the unused material or to assign to the material a new location. This monitoring enable in any moment the verification of the actual stock level and the changing of the material locations, thanks to dedicated procedures.

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