OPERA MES - IT Tool for the Lean Manufacturing

Open Data has been always collaborating with several consulting companies in the field of "Lean Manufacturing", to help companies using our MES systems in a proactive way, by constantly analyzing the performances of their production progresses and by defining corrective actions aimed at the continuous improvement, that are crucial to enhance the efficiency, minimize wastes and decrease direct and indirect costs.

OPERA MES is a perfect tool for the “Visual Management”, for supporting decisions at any decisional level (Production Manager, Quality Manager, Maintenance Manager, etc.). OPERA provides data in real-time so that you can analyze different situations at the right time, in order to guarantee the achievement of the targets, to have a higher speed of reaction to unexpected events and to minimize losses. OPERA MES allows the supervisor of the production processes to identify deviations and criticalities through dashboards, alarms, interactive graphics, dynamic grids and KPI in real-time, which display in a graphic and intuitive way the efficiency of the production processes. This information, displayed in an easy and clear way, induce to a higher level of responsibility of the operator and an accurate supervision by the management, with the purpose of taking decisions for a constant improvement.

You can request, with no obligations, a meeting with one of our MES consultants, in order to do a first analysis of your production processes and to set a customized lean project. For more information, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.