According to international standards, “MES delivers information that enables the optimization of production activities from order launch to finished goods, and is responsible for optimizing production activities while using current and accurate data. MES primarily reports on plant activities as and when the activities occur, and increase the plant efficiency and processes”.
The resulting reaction quickness, together with the reduction of activities that do not bring any added value, guide plant operations and processes at maximum efficiency. OPERA MES schedules, dispatches, tracks, monitors and controls factory information, while, simultaneously, it allows the users to measure and analyze data in real time. This makes it possible to know in every moment if the production is in line with company’s objectives towards a continuous improvement.

OPERA MES is a complete, flexible and modular solution for the management of manufacturing operations. It covers the main key areas: Pro
duction, Material, Quality and Maintenance.
Opera MES main task is to manage and monitor the production plant in real time, by providing all information regarding production progress, the efficiency of each department, the controls executed on the production line, traceability of lots, maintenance activities, scheduling, etc. One single system able to manage and monitor manufacturing operations progresses and to send this information to the ERP system through interfaces.

Opera MES main strength is the system configurability and the user-friendly interface that can satisfy the needs of any manufacturing company. Opera MES modular structure allows each customer to implement only the needed functionalities and upgrade the system without problems when needs will change.
According to the standards, a MES system is the missing link between the business applications (ERP/SCM,QA,WMS..) and the manufacturing plant.

OPERA MES integrates any ERP system for the production management and progress and for the performance analysis.  The integration with ERP is an important aspect because it allows a bidirectional communication between the two systems. Opera MES has been already integrated with many ERP system, such as: SAGE, SAP R3, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV, JDE, BAAN, QAD, EPICOR, and other local ERP. In the same way, Opera MES can be integrated with SCADA, PLC and automations systems for the automatic acquisition of data and the complete monitoring of processes.


Opera MES main benefits are:

•    Reduction in manufacturing cycle time by an average of 45%
•    Reduction in data entry time, usually by 75% or more
•    Reduction in Work in Process (WIP) an average of 25%
•    Reduction in paperwork between shifts an average of 50%
•    Reduction in lead time by an average of 27%
•    Reduction in products defects by an average of 18%
•    Increase in productivity by an average of 20%
•    Optimization of primary and secondary resources
•    Better process organization (lean)

Implementing Opera MES means establishing improvement objectives that can be shortly verified. Companies can notice the first benefits within 3-6 months from the implementation.

For more information and/or a demo of our solution, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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