With more than 10,000 licenses installed in more than 71 countries,  Preactor offers global companies with a proven solution and the global resources for the execution of planning and scheduling projects. Preactor is an important tool for many companies where it can have a major impact on the productivity of a process. In manufacturing, the purpose of scheduling is to minimize the production times and costs, by providing to a production facility information on what to make, when, with which staff, and on which equipment. Production scheduling aims to maximize the efficiency of the operation and reduce costs.

The benefits of implementing Preactor are many, such as:
•    20% improvement in productivity
•    50% WIP reduction
•    90% improvement in customer service and in on time deliveries

Preactor is a family of products. Although all Preactor systems are based on the same core code, they have different levels of functionality and price points so that the user can select the version that meets their specific needs and the budget available. Because all versions share common code, upgrading from one version to another is easy and straight forward.

Preactor suite is composed of:
•    PREACTOR AS (Advanced Scheduling System) - available versions: AS Standard, AS Professional, AS ultimate
•    PREACTOR AP (Advanced Planning System) - available versions: AP ultimate

>> Download PREACTOR Product

For more information and/or a demo of Preactor solution, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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