Opera MES Quality Control functionality allows manufacturing companies to define quality tests to be carried out on raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, to dispatch and execute quality tests, to collect and monitor real time quality data for an immediate reaction in case of problems and to analyze results obtained (lot status, tests results, instruments used, operators involved, possible noncompliance detected, etc). Thanks to the accurate analysis of quality data, companies determine the main causes of noncompliance and identify possible corrective actions to increase products quality.

Opera MES Quality Control Module allows the user to define and execute either attribute (visual) tests or variable (instrumental) tests. Tests results can be acquired and declared by the operators (through operators workstations), by an interface with control systems (PLCs, SCADA,..) or by measurement tools for the automatic acquisition of data. In case on noncompliance, Opera MES keeps track of rework activities, of products approval despite defects upon customer’s decision or lot scrapping due to serious defects.

By implementing Opera MES Quality Control module, companies can respond to the necessity to link quality data with production information and to guarantee products compliance to customers.

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