Traceability and Genealogy are two ways to overcome problems linked to the recording of material lots used during production operations. This  aims at following all production steps and guaranteeing products quality, by having the possibility to manage any noncompliance.
Tracking refers to the function of tracking all the batches used for manufacturing, from product generation to product distribution, while Tracing refers to the reverse path: given a finished product, going back to all production data related to all work stages, in order to:

•    trace the finished product already distributed (Upline approach)
•    monitor the detailed path of all the production stages towards the origin, in order to identify noncompliance (Downline approach)

Opera MES Tracking and Genealogy Module allows all records related to products life cycle to be recorded in the system’s database during production progress in order to generate the products history and to collect information in an easy, quick and immediate way.
For each “manufactured” lot it is possible to record ingredients and packaging used, production operations carried out, operators involved, labor skills, time consumed, process data, possible rework activities, production yields, etc. On the contrary, for each “purchased” lot of raw material, semi-finished or finished goods it is possible to go back to the material supplier and manufacturer.

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