When talking about MES, machines connection is always an important and crucial subject: in the factory floor companies have many different type of machines in terms of functionality, brand, automation level, and so on. Therefore, an MES system should be able to connect with any kind of machine present in the factory floor for the automatic acquisition of production data, quality data, process data, etc.
Opera MES Machines Connection Module is able to automatically track and record production operations carried out by machines, such as quantities produced, scraps, downtimes (with reason), parameters related to the usage of tools, etc, without any human intervention.
It is possible to acquire data both from the machines’ control panel through an I/O card for signals acquisition (electro-mechanical control machines) and from any PLC – from the oldest to the newest ones – through a computing interface. For process manufacturing companies, instead, Opera MES can be interfaced with SCADA systems to track and record process data.

Using I/O cards is the easiest and quickest way to connect machines. Cards allow a digital interface with the machine, by acquiring electrical signals that coincide with the events occurred on the machine. With I/O cards it is possible to record: quantities produced by each machine, machines downtimes (when exactly an activity has started or when it has been suspended due to a downtime with reason).

With Opera MES it is possible to create interfaces with any kind of PLC to import, control and monitor production data linked to machine performances – from quantities produced and downtimes to quality parameters and process control information. In order to connect PLCs, Ethernet connection as well as OPC Server are necessary. The last one is used as an API (Application Programming Interface) or as Protocol Converter. It allows data to be converted in a standard OPC format, so that Opera can analyze and manage it in an easy and visual way.


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