More than 300 active projects in any manufacturing sector and more than 30 worldwide distributors is the proof of the success of our solution in the international market.

Opera MES structure allows customers to manage manufacturing operations of industrial groups and multi-plants corporations. Opera MES, currently available in more than 12 languages, can be localized in any language to allow each users to configure system’s culture. In addition to this, Opera can be installed on multi-license or single-license to allow Top Managers of multinational companies to have access to real time information about production progresses as well as performance levels of each factory belonging to the group.

Open Data success on the international market is not only linked to the product, but also to the local support we can provide thanks to our network of distributors. More than 30 distributors have decided to rely on Opera MES as a strategic tool to support companies in optimizing processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency.

Opera MES is a complete and engineered software, developed to be used by third parties. Opera MES distributors can rely on a flexible and customizable product, to implement MES projects autonomously to satisfy customers’ needs.

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