PREACTOR AP is an essential tool for companies which want to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service. The problems which frequently challenge the management of fast-moving consumer goods companies include unnecessary high stock levels of both finished product and raw material and the possibility of this stock reaching its sell-by date before being consumed. Effective purchasing of economic quantities of raw materials and timely use of this raw material is key to reducing one of the greatest production problems.

Key Preactor AP features:

•    Make to stock, make to order or mix of the two
•    Finite or Infinite capacity modes
•    Shared capacity across product families
•    Automatic MPS calculation with manual override
•    Takes shelf life into account
•    Warning given on stock going out of life
•    Takes account of re-order multiples
•    Planning Bill of Materials
•    Standard and user defined reports

Preactor AP can be used both in make-to-stock or make-to-order environments:

In make to stock environments, Preactor AP is typically used to plan stock cover where there is variable demand and sometimes shelf life to take into account. The user defines what stock cover is required.  This is used to derive the WHEN and HOW MUCH of each product to make in each period over the planning horizon based on the net demand (the MPS result).

On the contrary, in a make to order environments Preactor AP is not used to calculate manufacturing quantities. The stock levels of finished and/or intermediate items will not be part of the key process parameters, but there will still be the need to evaluate the effects of future demand changes on the manufacturing process. Demand changes can be imported into Preactor AP to create new ‘what if’ plans and define if there are any capacity issues. If there are issues, an acceptable MPS can be created by working interactively.

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