Maintenance Management


Opera MES Maintenance Module manages and controls all maintenance activities carried out by operators for all companies' assets, both Preventive Maintenance activities (Planned Maintenance) and Breakdown Maintenance activities (Run-To-Failure Maintenance).

Preventive Maintenance involves the planning and the management of maintenance activities that are be carried out on assets. This deals with a “Zero Breakdown” approach, that allows plant’s efficiency to be maintained at high levels.
On the contrary, Breakdown Maintenance involves the management of repair activities that are carried out on assets after they have failed. When a downtime is declared by an operator (or is automatically detected by control systems) a maintenance request is generated to allow maintenance technicians to carry out repair activities in order to ensure, in the quickest time possible, the availability of the company asset.   

Opera MES Maintenance Module manages both maintenance processes, by tracking maintenance times including detailed information about each operators’ activity and by calculating maintenance performance.
The main objectives of Opera MES Maintenance Module – in line with production control – are:
•    Eliminating breakdown losses, quality losses and risks linked to security
•    Optimizing assets’ reliability, while reducing maintenance labor costs
•    Increasing planned maintenance activities by reducing unexpected breakdowns
•    Calculating main maintenance performance indicators ( MTTF, MTBF, MTTR, MTTW, MTD)

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