Material Management


In manufacturing environments, the main objective of Material Operations Management is to guarantee the supply of material to the plant, by minimizing the costs related to material movements, and to organize and manage the physical structure of the warehouses.
Opera MES Material Management Module keeps track of the real time inflows and outflows of materials, by allowing the user to be always updated about materials availability in the warehouse. Optimizing a warehouse means knowing how much material is available in a specific moment, where it is located and how to bring it to the production line in the shortest time possible.
Thus, it will be possible to take advantage of the following benefits:

- Reduction of Stock Levels: thanks to accurate information about the stock level present in the warehouse, it is possible to reduce it by maintaining the same material requirement. This is possible thanks to punctual and precise information about lots (and quantities) available for each location of  the warehouse.

- Reduction of Times: knowing exactly materials location in the warehouse allows the reduction of material movements time.

- Higher Efficiency: this can results from the real time control of warehouse activities and the optimization of resources used.

- Traceability: the complete management of materials together with the recording of materials flows are necessary to track and analyze lots traceability and genealogy.

Usually, the warehouse activities are carried out by operators using portable terminals or industrial terminals equipped with bar-code readers that allow the item’s bar-code to be read from its location. Furthermore, Opera MES can be also integrated with ERP system for the automatic update of the materials stock levels.

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