Planning & Scheduling


Planning & Scheduling represents a key element for manufacturing companies, since it manages three main production phases: customer orders, production operations and products delivery. Production plan optimization is planner’s main task, by generating the best production sequence to be followed in the factory floor.
Anyway, production processes are subjected to many unexpected events such as downtimes, supplier delays or unavailability of resources. Each of these events impacts on production processes and on resources organization. Production Planning & Scheduling system is able to quickly respond to these changes by generating a new production plan and synchronizing requests and management of available materials and resources. These results are displayed in a dynamic Gantt chart that allows the user to easily see the correct production sequence or the expected orders delivery dates.  

Production Planning & Scheduling Module manages production resources (operators, machines, tools) capacity and orders priority (finite capacity), plans workload (infinite capacity) and takes care of materials availability. Once the Gantt chart is generated, the user can modify the plan and re-calculate the workload of each resource involved.
Production Planning and Scheduling Module can be also implemented as a stand-alone module and fits any manufacturing environment. Here follows the key features of this module:

•    PLANNING orders, by taking into account constraints, links between orders, and delivery dates
•    SCHEDULING manufacturing activities in both finite and infinite capacity mode on the available resources (operators, machines, equipment, teams, etc) by managing their workload
•    MANAGING and OPTIMIZING operations sequence to reduce possible bottlenecks
•    MINIMIZING lead time and setup time, aiming at reducing production costs
•    GENERATING “what if” scenarios and save plans generated with different criteria
•    VERIFYING and COMPARING plans to find the best sequence to be executed in the factory floor

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