Process Control


Opera MES Process Control Module deals with the constant monitoring of the production process to ensure process conformity. 
For manufacturing companies that want to reduce production costs and minimize wastes, it is important to set a precise, prompt and targeted control of the key production process variables, with the aim to maintain the process within a tolerance range that does not compromise output quality.

In process manufacturing environments, being able to control process variables in real time is fundamental to detect possible variation from the limits and to promptly intervene exactly where the process went out of control.
With Opera MES Process Control Module, for each production order/lot it is possible to set the sampling frequency and the limits between which the control value should remain to maintain the process compliant. Through control systems and/or measurement tools connection, Opera MES collects and records process values that can be displayed and analyzed through charts and reports.

Process data, associated with production data, is relevant not only to monitor real time information aiming at promptly react when unexpected events can occur, but also to make analysis aiming at highlighting which raw materials lots, or which tools or other factors, mainly impact on process trend. In addition to this, it is also possible to identify and record the factors that positively influence the process and guarantee products quality and process balance.

Opera MES Process Control Module makes it possible to analyze data that is collected by interfaces with control systems through dashboards, charts, histograms and standard/customized reports.


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