About Open Data

Open Data is a software house and a global market leader in MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System), as well as the developer of the Opera MES software.

The company was founded in 1994 and designed the very first online IT systems for factory management and monitoring. Today it is an International MES Vendor of its OPERA product, which is distributed all over the world by an international network of partners and system integrators who utilize the Opera platform to create Intelligent Factories.

From the 2020, Open Data has become part of Zucchetti group, the main Italian company that creates solutions with the most advanced technology in Europe.

Partners Worldwide
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The company’s continued growth, in line with the latest Industry 4.0 trends and with ever-evolving technologies, has led to the creation of a new feature AI, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and to the development of artificial neural networks.

Open Data’s MES and Artificial Intelligence technologies and products make the business of companies "intelligent" and provide you with the tools to excel performance-wise and boost your business in the era of Digital Transformation.

artificial intelligence

Opera MES

Manufacturing Execution System

An industrial, international, complete and fully configurable MES platform, designed and developed with the latest software technologies, enhanced with the use of AI tools for an Intelligent Factory.

Team - Quality & Innovation 

Open Data company boasts a team of well-rounded experts and professionals, with a passion for everything that is innovative.

We are a solid yet smart, young and dynamic company, able to evolve in time with evolving technologies. Senior profiles with consolidated experience work in perfect synergy with our young people from the new digital generation, to create, develop and produce industrial and engineered, yet highly innovative products, with an eye to the future... and beyond...

Our products are the result of multidisciplinary skills. A diverse team made up of production experts, software architects, programmers, data scientists, as well as functional and application consultants.

Everything is designed to support our solutions and our partner network….

Mission & Vision 

The power of intelligent technology for Digital Transformation


To create technologies and products in the fields of MES & Artificial Intelligence which are able to understand, search and utilize information, transforming it into new value.


To establish ourselves as a leading Vendor of MES & AI solutions, a software industry that designs, fashions and distributes the best MES & AI products on the global market.

Our international presence


Open Data is made up of two innovation and SW development centers that design and develop our products, supported internationally by an ecosystem of partners that utilize our solutions to implement projects with customers.

To date Open Data has a global presence in over 18 countries (Europe, USA, Central-South America, China, Russia, Brazil) with a network of over 40 partners who see to promoting, implementing, localizing and providing support on our products. Over 500 customers, internationally, across any industry.