Opera Manufacturing Execution System

Opera MES is Open Data's Business Line dedicated to the Opera MES product. A structure and a team wholly dedicated to product design and development and to managing the international network of partners that carries out MES Intelligent Factory projects with our Opera platform..

Opera MES logo

The Opera Business Line is structured into the following main teams:

smart factory


A team of designers, led by the Software Architect, fashion each feature of the Opera platform. They conceive and create the project.


A team of programmers, led by a team leader, give substance to the project and transform it into a software solution.


A team of consultants and technicians, led by the Product Manager, always provide new ideas to the design & development team, to make Opera a MES platform that always has an eye to the future. .


A team of marketing, sales, pre-sales and technical experts provide training and support to the international network of Opera partners.

Opera, Intelligent MES

Opera is an international, complete and advanced MES product used to carry out ambitious and innovative MES projects with a view to Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation.

A solid and fully configurable platform, designed and developed with the aid of cutting-edge software technologies, enhanced with the use of AI tools, to transform Opera into an Intelligent MES system, capable of proactively leading the factory.

Opera has a global presence, thanks to the ecosystem of partners that utilize our platform to carry out MES projects in manufacturing companies around the world, whatever the industrial sector and company size.


Opera MES key features